Britain’s Ocean City has served as both the point of departure and arrival for more than a thousand years. Look over the waters of the Sound today and experience the same stirring views as all those who have sailed these waters before, from the Mayflower Pilgrims and the GIs of World War II to great ocean liners such as Olympic (sister of Titanic), Mauretania and Queen Mary (now moored in Long Beach California).

Plymouth is home to the English-speaking world’s oldest active Ashkenazi synagogue and witnessed England’s first Brethren assembly in 1831.

From April to June 1944, over 36,000 US soldiers embarked from Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. Set on England’s south coast between Cornwall and Devon, this historic port served as a receiving base for the US Navy’s coastal bombardment and 6,000 troops who rested and redeployed from here. Today, their bravery is honoured at Normandy Hill, St Bedeaux and the dramatic memorial at Saltash Passage.

Contact: Amanda Lumley