"How to" become a tour guide

Inspired by hosting the first National Tour Guiding Conference in London, the US Connections Project in conjunction wihth Visit Cambridge & Beyond have developed How to Guides for those who may want to consider how to start or develop a tour guiding business. These are a starting point and offer additional helpful contacts and resources within the industy.




"How to" Guides on becoming a Tour Guide

Information including Blue Badge, Costumed,…

How to become a tour guide This series of “HOW TO” guides help individuals and organisations start or develop their tour guide offering. This folder features 4 “how to” booklets offering advice on setting up your own guiding business with information on market insights, set up costs and chargeable fees, these are your first go to if interested in sharing your local knowledge with domestic and international visitors. The series includes: How to be an Ancestral Guide; How to be a Costumed Guide; How to be a Driver Guide; How to be a qualified Guide. Designed to help with your business and marketing plan and encourage those interested to seek out best practise within the industry. These “How to” Guides have been created and produced as part of the Discover England Funded Project US Connections.  

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